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Just Manpage was developed to bring the Unix man pages up to date with the modern technology.

We applied GUI best practices to make application responsive and interactive to provide users with a good user experience.

We employed different optimization techniques on both the client and the server to make the app super fast, even on a low-cost shared hosting server.

We tried our best to ensure the manual page contents are converted properly and fully as in original text.

Please keep in mind that Just Manpage web app is the property of justmanpage.com. This includes all code, artwork, metadata associated with the app. Copying or reusing this app framework without its owner permission is strictly prohibited.

The Unix manual page content may be copy righted by their respective owners.

jQuery, Modernizr, CryptoJS are also properties by their respective owners.

If you would like to put your content on this awesome app framework, please contact us. We offer flexible licensing schemes with supports to help you bring up the app in little time.