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    Thank you for visiting our cool web app Just Manpage .

    If you are looking for an online reference for Unix/Linux/BSD manual pages, then you are at the right place.

    Unix man page (manpage/man-page/manual page) is an amazing resource for learning Unix/Linux and a must-have reference for many professionals. Just Manpage web application software makes it easy, fun and productive for you to use this resource. You can browse, lookup, text search, add a lookup to your favorites, retrieve them and go back browsing history very quickly.

    We have more than 80,000 manual pages in our collection organized in different categories. We also provide lists tailored to different groups of users from novice Unix users to advanced sytems/network administrators. Tools for programmers, cyber security professionals are also included in lists. We will continue customizing the lists to help you nagivate and get your information the most productive way. Hopefully, you don't have to google around too much for unix manpages once your have found us.

    We hope you find Just Manpage very useful and recommend us to others. Don't foget to sign our Guest Book.


    The Just Manpage Team

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